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Organizational / Cultural

Perhaps the most critical element of our work is focused on the people, the organization, the culture. Research has indicated a good portion of improvement initiatives fail due to poor attention to the people factor. Any time process and technology is changed, altered, or adopted, there is always an impact on the people. They are the ones who make it happen. The best business processes and best technology systems will only work if the people who are responsible, enable them to work. People don't resist change…they resist being changed.

Systems Thinking LLC, devotes significant time and effort towards an organizations culture. An up-front cultural assessment is conducted which provides our team with information to strategically structure the change and implementation approach. We can derive information such as:

bullet Who are the nay-sayers?
bullet Who are the zealots?
bullet How much change can the organization accommodate at one time?
bullet Where should we implement first?
bullet How well are communications managed within the organization?

In conducting the cultural assessment, no names are attributed to information or comments, as confidentiality is key to open and candid discussions. This holds true for executive management through staff positions, and provides significant insight to the magnitude of change an organization can embrace. Too much change can cause failure, too little change can cause loss of interest, while the right amount of change can lead to success.

We round out our project team with a highly trained professional who specializes in organizational development and cultural diversity situations. As process and technology solutions present themselves, the cultural factors are leveraged in order to design an implementation plan that has been fully optimized for success.

Once again, speed is a factor and with our project team working hand in hand, day after day, the cultural assessment is conducted in a fashion that is able to integrate with the process and technology solution cycles. It ultimately contributes to a balanced implementation and is aligned with the customer's strategic goals and direction.

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