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Technical Assessment

Technology has, and is, playing more of a major role in separating the "new economy leaders" from the "has beens." Supply chain…eCommerce…the networked enterprise…just a few of the most common technology trends that are being embraced today. The only difference between yesterday and today is…It's Real!! Those who shun technology have, or will soon be, gone. The speed at which technology has improved is devastating to some, while nourishing to others.

Systems Thinking LLC, pays particular attention to technology and how our customers apply it to their business processes. No more can we say "…let's fit the process to the technology"…or "…let's fit the technology to the process." Our project teams leverage process and technology together to insure the solution best aligns with the customer's strategic goals and objectives.

The technology assessment phase is integrated with the process analysis. As our project team gathers process information, at the same time, technology information associated with systems, infrastructure, architecture, etc. is gathered and attached as attributes to key processes. This allows the customer to visually review business situations from a process and technology perspective. When implementing technology for our software partners, this becomes both a strategic and tactical tool for the customer in understanding, which processes will change and which technologies will be displaced.

Once again, speed is a factor and Systems Thinking LLC is able to integrate the project team with an experienced professional who is technically competent and understands the latest trends and changes surrounding technology.

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