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Systems Thinking, LLC


Improving the way business Works!

Systems Thinking LLC, a Metro-Detroit based project management services firm, provides an integrated approach to process improvement initiatives for Fortune 1000 and mid-size companies. The name, Systems Thinking, supports the firms philosophy that all improvement initiatives should be approached from a "systems thinking" perspective, that is, understanding the impact an improvement has on the overall business "system" and must span the organization horizontally, as opposed to the traditional "vertical silo" thought process.

Our implementation model considers process, people, and technology as the business foundation for all companies. Our three (3) person project teams are comprised of experienced practitioners who's overlapping skill sets contribute to identifying improvement opportunities and implementation solutions within a business enterprise. Of course…speed is a key factor in today's ever-changing business economy. Our FAST implementation model, coupled with an experienced project team are generally able to provide firm deliverables within a relatively short time frame - normally eight (8) weeks. On larger scale projects, the FAST model provides for firm deliverables in eight (8) week increments, as opposed to waiting six months or more for final outputs.

Systems Thinking LLC, unique execution and implementation model allow company's to remain current with technology changes, best process practices, and organizational development requirements… today - not six months from now.

Tour our web-site for more detailed information and feel free to contact us for discussions regarding your proposed or current improvement initiative.


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